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HDC Tanks

Heavy Duty Cartage (HDC) tanks are suitable for carting water

Flexi-N Tanks

Flexi-N tanks are suitable for chemicals, fertiliser & molasses

Fibreglass is the ideal material for building cartage tanks. It’s non-corrosive, which means hardwearing. It’s tough, providing the high-tensile strength that can handle the forces that liquids exert. And because other low-tensile materials have to compensate for their weaker structure with mass, it means fibreglass tanks are lighter, as well as stronger.

When you combine the qualities of fibreglass with Freedom Tanks proven tank design and engineering expertise, the result is a range of fibre glass tanks that set the benchmark for quality. No cracking, no leaking, no warping. Just fibreglass tanks that perform, day in and day out, year after year, whether you need to move 200 litres or 15,000 litres.

All of our Fibreglass Tanks Have:

  • Precision-moulded fibreglass recess, joined for maximum strength
  • Cool white exterior, with light-excluding black interior coating
  • Screw-top lid and self draining system
  • Fully baffled design to reduce liquid surge while in motion
  • Reinforced feet for secure installation
  • Optional Fitting: Stainless Steel Strainer Basket

Heavy Duty Cartage (HDC) Tanks – Size Options

Product Height(m) Width(m) Length(m) Weight(kg)*
HDC 1800 1.120 1.450 2.060 113
HDC 2200 1.000 1.660 2.320 140
HDC 7000 1.300 2.240 3.850 440
HDC 9000 1.500 2.240 3.850 550
HDC 10000 1.700 2.200 3.980 650
HDC 12000 1.700 2.500 4.100 750
HDC 15000 1.700 2.500 5.100 950

* Weights are approximate and given as a guide only.