Dimensions: 1.7m x 1.5m, 260kg.

The Ezy Wind Spray Mate is a slip-on spray module. It has a 600 Litre Poly Tank with Baffles, sight tubes, a lid, and return flow agitators. It’s self-loading 3 Way Tap provides Fast Fill and Tank Drain. The Pump Supply is provided via a 1¼” Teejet Filter.

The added advantage of these powerful reels are the motors and gearing that have the strength to assist the operator up steep inclines and together with electronic ‘Soft Start’ control enables the reel to rewind slowly then increase to full speed within 3 second of pressing the button so there is no jerk when the reel starts up.

The Spray Mate comes with two Remote Controlled EzyWind Hose Reels with 200 metres of ½” Nylon Spray Hose and Turbo 400 Spray Gun on each. Mounted on a HD Aluminium Frame with 4 lifting points & securely fitted by 4 bolt points.


  • 9Hp Motor (Diesel Compatible)
  • Honda 9Hp Electric Start with Remote Oil Drain
  • 70 amp Alternator
  • 12v Sealed Battery
  • AR1639 Gearbox
  • AR50 Pump (Max Output: 52L/pm,Max Pressure 40bar (580psi))
  • RM40 Controller

Modules Available

  • Twin Reels (200m of hose on each); Twin Reels (100m of hose on each)
  • Single Reel (200m); Single Reel (100m)

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